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Grant Application

As Integrated Research Training Group of the SFB 1557, it is one of the main tasks of the IRTG to support the PhD students during their personal professional development. Thereby, presentation of the own scientific work in different surroundings and personnel exchange with scientists from other institutes working in the same field are important aspects of the individual development. To support this, the IRTG can award different kind of grants to IRTG members.

In all cases, IRTG grants can only be awarded to PhD students who fulfil the following criteria:               

+     The applicant is a PhD student working on a SFB 1557/SFB 1557-associated project or at a project of a Life           Science Department at the University of Osnabrück

+     The applicant is a member of the SFB 1557-IRTG (and with this holds an ESP Plan)

+     The applicant actively participates at the IRTG activities (Seminars, Workshops, gives progress reports at           IRTG-Retreats)

+     The applicant will present his or her own work/project as part of the planned activity

The IRTG Office will check the incoming applications for formal correctness and will afterwards forward them to the IRTG Board members and student representatives who will then decide about the applications.



Follow this link to download the application form:


Besides the already mentioned activities that can be covered by a Travel Grant, also other proposals can be funded by the IRTG, for example: Organisation of an own conference/retreat, organisation of an own workshop or support to work on a SFB project.


An IRTG Travel Grant can be awarded to PhD students for covering costs for the visit of a scientific conference, the participation in a workshop or a lab rotation/internship, for example the visit of a collaboration partner abroad. Only active participation which includes for example giving a talk about the own project or presenting a poster qualifies the planned activity for funding by the IRTG. In case of a workshop, the acquired certificate serves as confirmation of active participation.

If you fulfill the mentioned criteria and you would like to apply for a Travel Grant, then please fill in the Travel Grant Application form and forward it (as digital version, signatures not needed at this point) to the IRTG Office. The IRTG Office will check your application for formal correctness and will then ask you to send in the original document including signatures. Please note that the completed application should be forwarded to the IRTG office at least two weeks prior to the planned activity.

If you are interested to apply for funding of one of these activities, please contact the IRTG Office for the application procedure: