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IRTG Membership

There are many good reasons to be enrolled in the SFB 1557-IRTG. For example you will...

1.     get in contact with other PhDs of the SFB 1557 and build a base for your own professional network

2.    have the opportunity to participate at a broad range of different activities like workshops, seminars or retreats          organized by the IRTG

3.     have the opportunity to apply for different grants like for example conference support or visiting a collaboration           partner abroad           

4.     benefit from an Education and Supervision Plan including coaches who will support and promote you during           your personal and scientific development

ESP Form


If you are a PhD student of the SFB 1557, IRTG membership is mandatory for you. In the case you do not already hold an ESP Plan, please contact the IRTG Office immediately.

Further are following PhD students highly encouraged to become a member: PhD students who...

1.     are working on a SFB 1557-associated project

2.     are working at the Biology Department of the University of Osnabrück

3.     are working in a Life Science group of the University of Osnabrück

To become a member, you only have to fill in the Education and Supervision Plan (ESP) and send it to the IRTG office. You will be immediately included in the mailing distribution list to get informed about upcoming IRTG activities. Furthermore, you are then qualified to apply for IRTG grants!

The Education and Supervision Plan serves as base for individual supervision and mentoring of the PhD students. Therefore, the ESP Plan includes a description of the PhD project, the elaboration of a schedule for the three project years, and formulation of advanced training goals. Most importantly, the applicant has to name two coaches. These coaches should hold a PhD and can be members of the SFB 1557/University of Osnabrück but they can also be external. They are responsible for mentoring the work of the students. Initially, the students should present them their planned project and afterwards give a progress report in presence of the coaches at least one time a year.

Follow this link to download the ESP form: